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Popcorn is an all-time favourite sweet snack and would please people of all ages. With the aid of our helpful staff, all you have to do is to enjoy the goodness of this snack! From birthday parties to corporate events, if you are looking for super awesome popcorn, please contact us.

Nothing brightens up a party like colourful candy floss! Perfect for children and adults alike, and with our helpful staff to assist, your guests would definitely be delighted. From children's parties to roadshows or events, these are sure to brighten up the event. 


Stay cool with a cup of cold-pressed juice at your next event! Cold-pressed juice not only keeps active the enzymes, minerals of fruits and vegetables, the flavour is much more intense and without pulp! 

Flavours are customizable, drop us an email to request for a quotation!


Thinking of what to gift to your guests for your wedding? How about a customized popcorn pack! Affordable and delicious, this will definitely keep your customers coming back for more.

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